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Heather Lowenthal

5 small details that go a long way

All weddings have the same main ingredients – you need a venue, a band, a photographer, a videographer, flowers, lighting, etc.  However how can you set your wedding apart from the rest in an effortless way?  You would be surprised but the small details at any wedding truly make the biggest impact.  Once you figure out the big picture for your décor and design, you can focus on adding a few little details that can bring out your personality and help brand your wedding so you can make it more intimate and personalized.

Photo: Jacqui Cole

When you do this, not only are you able to make your wedding your own, but it is telling that you did not let the details go unnoticed.  People appreciate the little things and these are fun ways to show off your new initials or introduce guests to your favorite treats.

Photo: Erika Delgado Photography

Although though you could go overboard with so many fun little ideas, it is best to limit yourself to 2-3 of your favorite ones.  Less is more sometimes and if you go overboard with so many things, they will not be as appreciated. 

Photo: Katie Lopez Photography

Here are my top 5 little details that go a long way:

  1. Monogram hemstitch dinner napkins
  2. Branded ice cubes
  3. Cocktail napkins with your names or even your pet!
  4. Monogram dance floor
  5. Edible favor

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